Don't Starve - Into The Clouds?!

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I've been following this game for a loooooooooong time and its good to see how its progressed.

Big fan Klei ^_^ keep up the good work.


Well as title says i came to suggest a kind of expansion to the game that takes players into clouds, since you did caves it only seems natural for this to be the next stage.


You could add a few biomes for the clouds and to balance out the gameplay add season limitations.For eg you're able to go up into the clouds only in autumn,spring and winter as clouds wont exist during the intense heat of summer,similarly caves could get blocked in rains stopping people from entering during spring and essentally trapping someone who went in previous season.This would add a sense of adventure and a reason to play a lengthy sandbox game.


Although I do feel the game getting harder so keep Autumn as it is and open for all, so new players can join in without a very high skill requirement


I know im not the 1st one to think this so please klei make it come true,eagerly waiting for "Together" but please "Don't Forget" about this game.If you make this true in together i absolutely dont mind and will make it a must buy for me.


One last thing will together be having splitscreen or some sort of couch co-op?



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