A Less Humble Suggestion

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Well, I was thinking I'd give some feedback to the forum, hopefully devs as well [if they read this]. So.. First I'd like to give a thumb up to the developers for keeping the updates coming at a pretty good rate. There's only one issue I have with the game, for now, and that is the conflicting of WASD [movement keys] and clicking to move. Lemme explain in a bit more detail. [i'm sry if someone already said this] If i click on ground, so clear ground, and Wilson starts heading in that direction, and as he is going I use any of the movement keys, it's all good, he starts going in that direction. However, if i click at an object or a creature [like "attack" on a spider] and use the movement keys, he tries going in both directions causing him to frantically turn from one to the other direction util you click somewhere else [pressing movement keys won't get him to snap out of it]That's all for bug reports from me for now, but here's an impression and perhaps a suggestion.From the start, this game really gave me that "fairy-tale" feel. It really made me feel as if i could bump into little red riding hood as I'm running through the forest. It would be awesome if one second you're chopping trees in the forest and suddenly you are being chased by a witch or a troll or something of similar nature, but the detail that would make that even better is that those creatures are very rare. If it's like "Ow, here's a witch.. Again.. Big deal.." then it would ruin the whole feel. I'm not sure which way is the game planed to go, but if this tale themed game is the goal, I can't wait to see what it will look like when it reaches the release.Thank you for reading, I hope this post doesn't invoke too much bashing upon it :)

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