[General] - Spelling errors in agents' records

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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Spelling errors in agents' records
Issue Description: 1) Dr. Xu - fourth line from the top, looks like the space between "many" and "explorator" is missing. Also, shouldn't "explorator" have y at the end?


2) Deckard - Fourth and fifth lines from the top - "he's" is missing e and the apostrophe. Sixth line - K&O is missing O.


3) Internationale - her last name is "Valds" in the header, but "Valdes" in the text itself. Which one is it?

Steps to Reproduce: Read agents' files.

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In Xu's profile, above, it should definitely be "exploratory." Klei also need to decide if it was "a K&O data server" or "K&O data servers." "University" shouldn't be capitalized when it stands alone as a generic noun ("University of Hong Kong" is fine). There's no closing period on the final sentence either.


In Deckard's profile, the word is "protest," not "protect," so that's fine. And yeah, it should be "K&O's." Looks like there's an issue with apostrophes? Or maybe it's just a recurring typo.


In Internationale's profile, I had wondered in the past if it should be "Valdes," and now we know. I also think "on and off the field" has sporting connotations; "in and out of the field" seems more appropriate for an espionage context. That's subjective, though. Also, in her alternative "archive" profile, the word "subversion" is missing its v.


All the other profiles seem fine, although I haven't unlocked Deckard's alt yet.


If Klei were open to it, I'd be happy to do a pass of the whole game for spelling and grammar. Either for American or British English (or both!) and according to any style guide they want. I write and edit for a living, and it's fun to me.


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