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Hey everyone, I'm just putting this up hopping to get a little bit of help.

you see I am making a character mod and I don't really know how to really change his build into a werepig build

I have managed to do a transformation for him on a full moon but it remains the same human character build.


I almost want it to be like Woodie where he changes into a beast . but I am far from good with coding so when i look in the prefabs of mods like markiplier that transforms build i have no idea what I'm looking at or what to do lol i did however try to do what i did with this this human transformation with the werepig build but it just crashed my game.

werereace_by_petplayer976-d85nn1i.png here is what i have edited the werepig to look like as my werewolf but if any of you out there can help me tell me how to get him to turn into this i will be very thankful . thanks for reading : )

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