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  1. Mod I'm making! : D future mod and all! character is from my web comic on Deviantart ^u^
  2. haven't been on this post in a LOOOONG while : ) i did this the 3rd of October but i thought better time then any to post it on here.
  3. nahhh lol, i dont think my drawings and comics will get as popular as raven's comics are. but...that would be funny though XD
  4. COMIC TIME! raven crow mainly inspiered me to get me to finally werewolf wilson,when i first ever play the game and saw the werewolf pigs i wanted to turn wilson into a werewolf but your monster wilson and your funny and awesome comic push me more to finally do this so your dont starve art inspires me! : ) hope you like this everyone
  5. : ) the gentalmen himself! ,im drawing in my own style sooo i mite doodle afew pictures in the don't starve style here and there ^^ but expect to see a comic like picture later on! : D
  6. thank you so much for all your comments!! : D im so happy! im gonna post more art on here later today so look out ^^and im glad you guys like how i drew deerclops : )
  7. anime yes , but other styles too : ) like im trying the don't starve style abit ^u^
  8. haha thank you for your comment and yeah you know when hes near damn ground shakes XD ,sooo be running for your life hahah
  9. Hey everyone ,im not new to the don't starve game but im new-ish to the forums like me having abit of trouble being able to get this started and well attaching my art to the post XD, BUT i hope you enjoy my art when it comes along in this thread so far its only one but i asure you their will be alot more to come in the future ^u^ i like deerclops hes a interesting monster,even if he almost kills me,i thought i draw him .i hope you like it everyone ill like it if you could tell me what you think and i look forward sharing more art in the future : )