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Transformation/modding help

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Hi guys, a bit new to the forums here--- generally not so new to modding or DS in general.
I've gotten stuck on a recent mod I've been trying to make and was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions.
Transformations have been giving me a lot of trouble and everything I've tried so far has failed, but I really want to figure out how to get one into the character mod I'm developing--
The character himself is almost demon-esque. 
My goal that I was trying to hit was if his sanity drops to a certain level (say his "breaking point" is 20 for examples sake) and it was either dusk or night he would turn into a more evil, darker side of himself--- by daybreak it would set him back to normal and push his sanity back up to say 40, if his breaking point is 20. 

Anyone got any ideas on how I could go about this?
Thanks in advance for any helpful thoughts! 

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Honestly, an easy way to start would just be to change the character's build and stats once sanity hits a certain point.  I've done this previously, and while it wasn't exactly glamorous, it did work.

Are you aiming for a Wolgang-like transformation, or more of a Woodie-esque transformation?

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Thanks for all the added info, guys.
I will definitely look into that Markiplier mod. 

As for transformations, I'm not entirely sure how I would want it to go about.
Something like Wolfgangs actually would be very nice--
Showing as his sanity depletes he slowly more and more gets a much more gruesome, angry look until he reaches his breaking point and has his final look/out come of it all. However, I feel like as of now- that's not much of an option for me so I may just go after a straight transformation like Woodie.

As for changing his build, is there any specific tools that are needed to change it for him so he can switch in and out of his normal/demon self?

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