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Combat Change?

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In the "Naughty and Nice" update, I've noticed that combat changed a bit. Now, I can no longer hit a rabbit after it already ran into its burrow.

I've also noticed that some mobs have a longer reach than I, I was in a situation when I would slash, but miss the spider, while the spider could hit me. :(

Does anyone else notice this?

(Sorry for comma-overload! I tend to do that sometimes...)

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You're spot on. The game was generally far too easy after you learned a few tricks, so the devs upped the ante a bit. Basically, the rabbit change makes using traps to catch them more reliable (since it's much harder to cut them off from their holes and outright kill them) and it makes attacking a spider nest a true challenge instead of a mild nuisance.

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Jup, combat has gotten a bit more difficult, but also more interesting. If you still want to kill bunnies without using traps then you will have to cut them of more effectively than before. It takes practice now to become a true bunnie hunter. The increase of attacking spiders encourages new strategies, you can kill of most spiders in the night when they are not flocked and finish up the nest in the morning.

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