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Has Klei commented on if this update will be coming to PS4?

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I have the game both on PS4 and PC, I would just like to know as I really enjoy playing this game on both platforms, but I have a lot of friends on the PS4 and this game would be so much fun with multiplayer. Either way I look forward to taking down giants with other players and building ultimate bases.


Another question I have about the multiplayer without making another topic: In multiplayer can you kill other players? Is it on dedicated servers? Is it perma death, if you die you have to make a new character?

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They've agreed that it'd be nice if they were able to bring Together to PS4, but that it's not even on their radar right now, so they have no idea how feasible it is or if it's feasible at all.


Ok, thanks. I really hope it does because I know a lot of people on PS4 and I like to game with them, but idk anybody that games on PC. I guess I could just find some randoms on these forums to game with.

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If you leave a server and join a new server does your character and inventory save progess and come to the new server with you? Or does it all delete and you have to start fresh?

Any character and items on him/her will be saved on the server you made progress on, if you join a new server, you will not carry your progress from the last server you went on.

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