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Name: William the Criminal mastermind

Look: a Black vest with a green shirt nice fine hair split in the middle black pants

Perks: does every action faster ( not running/ walking ) Ex. Cutting wood takes less time for him

when sanity arrives he will have to get scared by 2 times the monsters to go fully insane because he was a rough tough Criminal nothing scares him

Disadvantages: Bunnies are scared of you when further away, Small birds wont fight for you just follow, Tallbirds follow you longer if you have their egg

Backstory: William was the top of top Criminals there was no one could kill him. He would spend his day shooting people on the streets and nights stealing he was so rich he didnt know what to do so he went out and charged this tall man with a knife but then he fell unconsious and saw the man he said say pal you don't look so good.

Thank you and if you have Ideas for him post them in comments!

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Guest Dandytard

'He would spend his day shooting people on the streets', Well, That doesn't sound very family friendly.

And I do believe a thief character was introduced, Called 'Webster'.

I think the characters aren't meant to be murderers, As it adds an unneeded dark element to the game

I mean, What's next, A rapist? Oh wait, Maxwell won't be a playable character.

My point still stands.

And the character has no disadvantage whatsoever. Does actions faster and it takes him twice the amount of monsters to go insane. He is unbalanced and easy to play, Therfore I doubt in his approvance.

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