[Exploit] - Stationary guard behavior

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Stationary guard behavior

Issue Description: Not sure if this is properly a bug or a feedback post. If you distract a stationary behavior guard and then allow him to return to his position be will end up facing the direction he returned from. This is exploitative in Vault levels specifically as you can often distract any guards in the vault then wait for them to go back and end up with the guards in the vault facing the wall effectively neutralizing them.

Steps to Reproduce: Distract guards in vault by opening door or running then wait for them to return to their positions.

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Guard behave like that for a while now. However, some guards do turn around. Maybe it's related to the ping ability. Ping would be useless if guards immediately turn around. Again... some do.


It is however cool when there are 4 guards in a room; 3 who are facing each other. Luring them in such a way so that it creates a walkable (undetectable path) can be very fulfilling. Maybe it is intentional sins Klei wants to promote more stealth play instead of starting to kill everyone off which seemed to be happening lately.

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