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  1. I played 3 maps today continuing a savegame. The parasite v1.0 nerf is a bit too much. I suggest removing the cooldown, but increase the cost of starting "parasite" by 1 for each thing you apply it to in the same turn. Example: Turn 1: Start parasite on a camera: Power cost = 1 Start parasite on a security box: Power cost = 2 Start parasite on another camera: Power cost = 3 Turn 2: Start parasite on security box: Power cost = 1 Start parasite on a camera: Power cost = 2 etc ... This way you dont stop the player from hacking several things with parasite if it is strictly necessary, but at the same time you penalize starting the process on too many things in the same turn. So, the player will not parasite everything on sight if he knows what is good for him. Another variation is to multiply the power cost by 2, instead of adding +1. Cost would be 1,2,4,8 etc ... Also, it is nice that you added the new v2 versions of programs, but right now I can't replace the programs I have in Incognita nor can I upgrade them (ie: I can't replace parasite v1 with v2 if I find it). This also makes it useless to run Server Farm missions once you filled all your program slots. I know you are planning to allow to replace programs in the future, but tbh, adding that functionality would have been better than adding more programs at this point. I suggest you put that in the "urgent" section of your todo list, since it's hurting the game experience badly.
  2. I think a tip that the devs gave in one of their streams can be useful here. The thing is that people usually think they are out of options before they actually are. So, for example, maybe someone gets an agent in critical condition and since there are still 2 or 3 guards in the room they think it's impossible to recover from that with their remaining active agent and give up. Many times it is not the case, since guards may do things you are not expecting them to do and you can do fine. I think this case was another example of what I just said. You are more scared of the guards than you actually need to be. For example, you are thinking the worse when you expect to get 2 new enforcers with Armor +2 and that they will run fast enough to get to you. IMHO, you would have probably been fine sending the prisoner out and waiting with your 4 agents. Also, unless the elevator room is a field of ! and ? all over the place, you have a good chance of having some of the guards that wake up going to investigate in another room.