Don't Starve TF2 Crossover Hats

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(I didn't know where to put it , but sinse It was a suggestion , And it Involved Don't Starve , I Put it here , move if appropriate)

Hey , I love don't starve but I also love Team fortress 2 , wouldn't it be cool if all people who preordered the game before release got some Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Weapons/Hats?

Heres some ideas :

TreeGuards Headcase (All Classes)

Description : Save The Trees , For Science!

Slot : Head

LumberJacks Axe (All Classes Excluding Spy and Medic)

Description : Destroy Those Trees , For Science!

If any Developers are reading this , if you like the idea you could talk with Valve and see if that could be possible.

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I don't know if they do crossovers with games that are not made by valve. Also, it would be quite difficult to recreate the 2D art style in a 3D game.

They Definently do crossovers with non-valve games (e.g. Assasins creed(Ubisoft) Sleeping Dogs(Square Enix) And the lot)

The axe could be 2d , but the hat wouldn't be taht hard to make 3D at all...

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