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Something about the Boomerang that has to be changed.


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It was Day 90 with things under control, but I did not have any ranged weapons at all.

I made a Boomerang for extra firepower, and I could say the thing works like a wonder.

Unlike what people are saying, it was easy to use with simple timing.

I threw the large stick at a crow eating seeds, it died and dropped a feather near some reeds.

I held the Space key as it heads at me...

SMACK goes my head, as I picked up grass instead!


dear klei,

pls make catching bomerang the action key priority

i cri becus bomerang hit head becus of item on ground

wilson mad cus he stupid and pick up item instead of catch

he no think prperly, wat a skrub

lots of luv <3,


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Make sure there isn't anything else that can be picked up when you go to catch the boomerang. I'll go around and pick up stuff before I even think about throwing that bad boy.

It might not be ideal for you but if your just picking off birds, it shouldn't be a problem. It becomes a problem if you're using it to fight McTusk but there are other, better ways for that!

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Catching boomerang already is high priority.

I never pick stuff up when I'm about to catch it.


There is just one thing you have to keep in mind:
Only press space AFTER the boomerang hit the target. (When it's returning)

If you press space before hitting the enemy, you will pick up grass and stuff..

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