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A Guide To Survival - Every Character Edition.

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Welcome To My Guide - Here I will Give you Different Tactics for each and every character - they should be updated every update if they have a big effect , but if not they will not have anything new.


The Gentleman Scientist

Wilson's Special Abilities

- Grows A Magnificent Beard

- Has A Personal Structure From Resurrection

I presume You may have stuff unlocked , but if you need to research things , you can do it along the way.

Not Researched Everything? , Follow this :

Collect Unused Grass Tufts and Other Things and use them in a science machine , research the alchemy engine First before anything else , and use that to catch up , you should be on about day 2-3 if you did it correctly/ didn't get into any trouble.

Have You Got an Alchemy Engine/Researched Everything? Follow this :

-If you need to research things still , you should keep atleast 20 grass tufts at all times to research things quicker.

-If you have researched everything , keep atleast 10 grass tufts at all times for fires.

You may grow a beard , but don't shave it all the time.

- The guide will be completed Soon!

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