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Good Enough?


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Okay so i feel im pretty situated right now. Hears a rundown on my base.

Right next to beefalo, 6 farm plots of pumpkin with bird, a new beebox, 2 effigy, 30 grasses and 10 sticks(might add more later). The only gold ive researched so far is the Axe and Im saving digging up any graveyards for when I need the gold (I have many graves to pillage).

some questions though. How many flowers should I have near the beebox? right now i have i feel 20ish just by placing a butterfly and waiting for the next one to pop out (usually in a second or two). there are no natural flowers nearby...partly because I might have accidently burned most of the forest down...

Also I found a swamp with 4 swamp monsters RIGHT next to each other so im hoping to kill a spider den Soon and placing the new one nearby those to get some free silk and spikes overtime.

Do i need more, am i pretty much perfectly set?

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oh you can not beat my base 10 chests 10 effigy's 20 turbo farm plots 50 grass 50 saplings 20 berry bushes and a tree farm at 60 trees!

I'm guessing you have turned your entire world into a barren wasteland in the process?

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