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  1. My Game experiences

    Look at the bright side, you had an interesting and exciting winter! Unlike me, who just cooped up in his base after killing the Koalephant ten times.
  2. There are three things in the puzzle. Half-life 2: Episode 3 confirmed.
  3. I am still referring to the current game. Mobs are too easy to kill when given the correct resources. Most of the time, I don't even kill the mobs personally. It's all about beefalo and pigmen. Spider queens aren't aggressive enough; you only need a few tentacles/pigs/beefalo to kill them without getting a scratch on you. I conquered a Deerclops with only 3 pigmen, a herd of beefalo, and a fire dart. I'm only on day 46 and I'm waiting to jump worlds on the next update. Let's face it, Don't Starve is pretty easy when you can just exploit the use of other mobs. I've seen spider queens crawl to their deaths in a swamp biome, and all I had to do was be present during the spawning.
  4. There are serious lacks of "flavor" in the characters. Most of them are mundane when it comes to affecting gameplay. I could survive almost as well as Wilson using Wendy; the only difference would be the witty comments. However, I do feel that buffing any of the characters would further unbalance the current situation. I think we need more aggressive disadvantages to the characters.
  5. I do very strongly agree. Don't Starve is full of too much neutrality. You can avoid almost half the mobs in this game by simply remaining idle.
  6. It didn't work for me.
  7. I know this topic has been addressed before in the past, but the method for making a backup or a copy has been broken for a while now (or I'm doing something wrong ); I haven't found any working guides up to date. If anybody knows how to backup (or can create a quick-save button because I know this is possible), please take a few moments of your time to post. Please, and thank you. :biggrin:Shame post, I know.
  8. I actually agree with this very strongly. I have been playing the game for a long while now and I still eat my food on accident instead of cooking it, researching it, dropping it, etc. Heck, I was on day 108 and died from eating monster meat instead of researching it.
  9. Good Enough?

    I'm guessing you have turned your entire world into a barren wasteland in the process?
  10. Good Enough?

    You can never be too satisfied with a game like this. Explore the mechanics and go do some science!
  11. Purchasing

    1. Buy the game from the website 2. Check the email you purchased it with 3. Find the link to your activation codes (might be in spam/junk or could take a little bit) 4. Redeem your codes for the game (2x Steam 2x Chrome)
  12. Chrome and steam

    I'm happy to be of assistance.
  13. Chrome and steam

    Unfortunately, if that is the case, it can only redeemed on the Chrome browser which can be accessed by going to the application in the Chrome Web Store.
  14. Chrome and steam

    That's strange. Where did you purchase the game?