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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: Server does not Terminate
Issue Description: So, I managed to play some DST with a friend. However, according to him, when I shut the server down, it didn't ACTUALLY shut down until I ALT+F4'd out of DST. He was able to push me and other things around, although everything else was frozen stiff as a statue. No exclamations, no movements, so on so forth.

This would appear to explain another bug I reported where again, I could not close the game without using Alt+F4.

Which was when my friend finally had his DST crashed by this. After some broken error screens, at least. My client did not crash, persay, so there is no mdmp crash file. Thing is, my friend couldn't get one either. Could not find a mdmp file at all.

My friend's log and dxdiag is also included.
Steps to Reproduce: Join/host a server, then try to leave/shut down the server.











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