[Gameplay] - Guard steps onto agent's tile

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Guard steps onto agent's tile

Issue Description: While hiding behind a desk, a guard, already in hunt mode and who seen Deckard, moved onto the same tile as Deckard, as seen in the screenshot I attached. Deckard was not visible at that time, and usually in these situations a melee reaction gets the guard KO'd.

I was too botched to survive even if the guard didn't step on Deck's toes, but in a less hopeless situation, bugs like these might be infuriating. That's why I chose to report this.

As a side note, prison cell guards seem to act weird quite often. They have previously ruined good ambushes by seeing agents behind corners, but not always. Would you mind checking them out, please?

Steps to Reproduce: Seems to be a rather rare bug, but have your agent behind a prop and a prison cell guardian move a few steps to your tile. Be sad as your ultimate juke of jukeness suffers a critical failure.

I was unable to attach my save file. "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file." Weird. If any other type of file would be of help, please tell me.

Thank you!

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  • Developer

Sounds like a bug that was fixed the other day related to the prison captain.  After awaking from being KO'd, he would be able to walk onto other guards and PCs, causing all manner of nonsense.  This should be fixed for the next update.


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