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Cruelest Computer!

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Sadly, I have not received a beta key, but that's fine! I'm sure that there are more to come! Or until it's officially released..


But I have a....

Small problem...

You see, for some apparent reason my audio doesn't seem to work- and you should know, volume makes video games a whole lot more enjoyable! 

There's a little red X right next to my volume button, when I click on it, a troubleshooting program pops up, and tries to fix the problem...

After a minute, this message pops up:


"Troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all of the issues found. You can find more details below."

The "Problem found" says that "One or more audio service isn't running-Not fixed" 



I tried everything I could- looking in the control panel- I can't watch a video of a guy explaining how to fix it because... well... NO AUDIO!


I may have to bring in my computer to get it fixed..

Or if I can fix it in a much more simpler way, please, comment!


(Yes, I know this might be better in a different part of the forums, but hey, we're talking Don't Starve Together here!)

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In the future, no matter where the troubleshooting is (on Klei or other forums,) please list your system specs.



As for here, pretend you are making a Bug Tracking report and include all relevant info. This means your DxDiag files in this case. 


For now, try this:


Create a restore Point.


Try uninstalling your sound card drivers in Device Manager, and reboot. Then let Windows reinstall the correct drivers.


Should this fail or make things worse, restore to that point you saved


I can't comment further until you have the DXDiag up, but this is technically a driver issue and could require Windows or a manufacture update should it not fall under simple fixes for this type of error. 

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Perhaps the audio service isnt being started with windows, go to task manager, services tab and search for a service called AudioSrv, right click on it and press start service, if that fixes your problem tell me and ill help you make it more of a permanent solution

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