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Falling Stars! A solution to resource deflation.

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Before we get to the falling stars, we need to look at the reason they are needed. Over the past few days, it has become apparent that non-private servers are at a sever risk of resource deflation. This occurs when a player joins the world, walks around for a bit, grabs a few items from your chests, and then logs off (possibly never to log on again!)

Now, it can't be assumed that there is any ill-intent here. That is the nature of the game, you need resources to survive. The problem comes when players log out with non-renewable resources such as rocks, flint, or a dug up pickable plant. When these players log off, these resources are essentially deleted from the game, and on older servers this can be a HUGE problem.


So here is what I propose. Falling stars! During the new moon, when things seem at their darkest, look to the sky and you will see streaks of light falling towards the rockyland biomes. When a falling star hits the ground, it becomes the boulders you are all familiar with, replenishing the rocky biome's supply of rocks.

Now, why would you ever risk the danger of a falling star, if you can simply wait till morning and collect the new boulders? Well, rumor has it that on the night of the new moon, the stars themselves sparkle brilliantly. Mining one of these new stars has a chance to give you one of the gems of magic we are all familiar with. These could range from red/blue gems, to a rare yellow/green/orange gem, or more often than not a lowly piece of compressed carbon in the form of coal(charcoal).

However, that's not all. If fortune favors the bold adventurer on this blackest of nights,  they may stumble upon a rare gem of majesty, a diamond. What untold magic could this gem of gems hold? Only time will tell.

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It would take time coding this event while i would rather wait for caves. Once caves are in all rock and flint problems will be over.


PAX had working meteors, it is not that much coding. Caves are a huge mess of coding, as going into the cave tries generating a world that can not exist yet. I have no idea how a server would be able to handle it.

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I'm into this.

Instead of the Falling Stars you suggested, the Meteor Shower could be used. Like earthquakes underground, the Meteor Crash event will result in falling objects from the sky. These are the meteors that were available at PAX (and in that mod). If they hit you, they deal a lot of damage. When they explode, though, they will release rocks, flint, gems, nitre and more.

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