[Client Crash] - Client crashing when rejoining server with Eyebone after latest update.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash
Issue Title: Client crashing when rejoining server with Eyebone after latest update.
Issue Description: Was playing on a server and found an Eyebone. The host had to reboot the server so i was asked to leave. When it got rebooted and i rejoined i got a crash screen and had to Alt + F4 the game. The host tested this by himself and he didn't crash upon rejoin so it's a client only crash.


The crash happenes no matter if you have the Eyebone or not. It seems to randomly crash upon rejoining or joining a server. I am not sure what's causing it. I have tested it with Rezecib and he seems to crash upon joining my newly created server. He has tried going into Widley's World, but he managed to get in without crashing, but crashed when he rejoined. When we first dicovered the bug we were playing on a modded server and i was the only client player who got the crash after the server reboot while the host and Rezecib (second client player) could rejoin at will. This seems to only affect the client players.


The image was taken from the first modded server we got the crash from, but the log was gotten from a clean server i tested with Rezecib.







Steps to Reproduce: 1. Enter server as client. (Chance to crash right away.)

2. Find Eyebone.
3. Leave server.
4. Rejoin server.
5. Crash.

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I wanted to add that although it has mods on in the screenshot, we repeated it without mods and found the same thing.


Edit: On further testing, it appears to happen now every single time you rejoin a server, regardless of other circumstances.

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For now, if you are leaving and it's not a crash, do drop the eyebone somewhere first. Thanks. 

Sorry for giving false information at first. We believed at first that the Eyebone was causing the crash, but we noticed that you can just join or rejoin a server without anything in your inventory and that would cause the same crash anyway. I updated the post.

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