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Youtube Monetisation

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Hi, I am new to the forums and I love the Don't Starve game! I have a little Youtube channel, and I made a let's play on Don't Starve. I am about to get partnered, however I need some sort of permission/proof to show that you can monetize this footage with commentary. Can someone tell me where I can find this information, or could some developer let me monetize it? Thanks! :)

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I tried it for Unepic and i gave up after 30 episodes. I had full permission and a letter from the creator. It takes a month for them to eventually decline your request and then they ask you for written permission. Which you send them and they accept it... for that one video. Repeat this process for every video. It takes like 2 months for the monetisation to even kick in any by then all your views would have gone through so again i think its pointless.

The only way you're going to do well is by joining a network like TheGameStation or Machinima (there are others). They have certain perks.

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You guys don't understand. I ment that I need permission to upload the actual game so I can get partnered, and then I can put ads on it from my network. As of now, I only ment "uploading" permission of some sort... I don't want to monetize with the Youtube Adsense crap, I don't want my adsense disabled.

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