[General] - Picking sapling then suddenly flying backward


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Picking sapling then suddenly flying backward

Issue Description: I was picking a sapling as Wilson when I suddenly flew backward.

Steps to Reproduce: I had just entered the game. I performed a few actions on some items (picking up stuff, gathering grass), when I came upon a sapling. I began to gather the sapling, but I accidently doubletapped the spacebar while gathering it. Shortly after, Wilson flew backward, still doing the gathering animation with his arms sweeping around. I returned to the sapling after he was done and gathered it without any issues.

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It sounds like you "rubberbanded". It's basically lag so it's not really a bug.


Correct. That's actually just a lag/latency issue.

It happens to everyone with everything.


Things like slowly picking up items or bouncing 5 steps back. It's all lag.

If you're the host then you will probably never see it happen. But participating in a friend's server will often show these issues.


Hopefully it will get worked on, but it is no bug.

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