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Category: Graphics

Issue Title: Pig King Obelisks

Issue Description: It's not exactly bothersome at all, but I've noticed that when I do find the Pig King ALL the Obelisks are lowered, instead of being 50/50 as I've always known them to be.

Steps to Reproduce: Just find the Pig King, and you'll see what I mean.

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I saw that as well. I guess it's not yet decided on how they will work yet. What if 1 player has low sanity, but the other has full? Will the Obelisks go up or down? Now that i think about it....maybe make all the Obelisks raised and make them transparent when a player with low sanity goes through. Just a thought, might look weird on the other player's side since they will see someone walk through a rock.

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@cranberry This was changed recently (certainly between the time this thread was posted and now). Personally I think the way they react to players coming closer and moving away is really cool, and very spooky :D


Looks like the way it's supposed to work now is that if a player comes within 10 of it (2.5 tiles), it checks if any player within 11 of it is sane (or insane, depending on which kind it is). If so, it raises. If a player moves further than 11 from it, then it redoes the check. I might be a bit wrong about exactly which distances it uses there, but that's my understanding.

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