[General] - Game asks to create an account when one has been created and verified


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Game asks to create an account when one has been created and verified

Issue Description: Each time I try to go online, the game asks me to create an account even though I have already created one and have had it verified. If I try to switch back to the game, the client immediately crashes. The log.txt file after one such crash has been attached.

Steps to Reproduce: - Attempt to go online.

- The game asks to create an account.

- Switching back to the game causes it to crash.

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Same Issue

I am playing crash a lot. I almost made it through to a game but then got disconnected and then started doing this loop. 

In fact ANY switch out to browser and back to game will result in crash, no matter what menu that you are on that time.

Including using an Alt-TAB re-entry

(Has spent last 10 minutes deliberately testing ways of crashing game since I can't play yet) 


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Yeah, it keeps asking me and then acting like "Oh wait, he already did." So it flashes and I have to click "Play Online" again. It doesn't do that every time, but it normally crashes when it does. However, once I set up a server for a friend and a random DST player, we played a few hours without crashes. Fighting the main menu isn't that much of a chore at the moment, but it will quickly crash a lot before I make it to actual game.

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  • Developer

Unlocked this thread just to quickly say that you'll see the "create an account" popup flash on screen if you click Play Online too quickly. If you wait until after the little Steam overlay notification shows up in the corner, you shouldn't see this behavior. In the future, we'll have it fade to black like normal and just wait on that screen until it gets a response from the server as to whether or not you've authenticated. Definitely still a bug, but just wanted to explain quickly what was going on (and how to avoid it)!

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