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Because we don't know much about Wilson's past, besides the fact that he is a failing scientist, I think a brother for him would be most interesting.  Windle is Wilson's older brother who loved hockey. Shortly after Wilson's disappearance from the real world, Windle temporarily gave up his passion for hockey to locate him.  After entering Wilson's room, Windle noticed Maxwell's door, which is now broken due to the time that has passed (as you know time moves differently in the don't starve world as quoted by Maxwell).  Windle began studying the blueprints left behind by Wilson when he first built the portal.  As he was looking at the blueprints, Wilson's radio spoke to Windle: Trapped...Shadows...Help....  Windle knew he had to do something to rescue his brother so he began trying his best to repair the broken door.  He managed to get the portal about halfway done when he noticed shadow figures reaching out to the portal, the radio broadcast plays again: No use...Shadow...Taken over... Windle rushes to his room in fright and grabs his hockey stick and gear and peeks out his door, as the shadow people pull Windle down into the Don't Starve World.


New Gear/Starting Gear:

Hockey Stick: made from boards and silk, does about 50 damage

Hockey Mask: made from stone and Bone Shards, protects a little less than a football helmet



Looks about the same as Wilson but a little bit older and slicked back hair




*Terrified by Shadow Creatures(loses sanity very quickly)

*Has more strength fighting shadow creatures


Story Progression(Main Don't Starve Story after Wilson is captured and Maxwell released):

Windle wakes up in the don't starve would thinking that what happened was just a dream, but he came to his senses and figured out it was a reality.  He realizes he must find his brother and save him.  He locates a repaired door and journeys through it(if your going to play on adventure mode).Windle's adventure mode is a bit different from the others, World 1 is the same as the survival would, but all the monsters are shadow creatures, with have 100 more health than their regular counterparts, as they were weakened by Wilson releasing Maxwell.(the story follows the war on the shadow people and removing them forever). After you kill a shadow creature, you will absorb their soul, after collecting 75 souls, you be able to see a shadow door at your original spawn point.In World 2, you can hear Wilson screaming for help in the far off distance, you decide to follow the cries.  After fighting through more shadow creatures, you find Wilson being tortured by three shadow lords. (shadow lords are the three main shadow creatures but in boss form, they take notice of you and run off, revealing a doorway.  World 3 involves you trying to fight your way to Wilson, but you run into Nosliw, the first of the shadow lords, and you must battle him to advance to the next world.  World 4 involves the fight of Ydnew, the next shadow lord, revealing yet another door to Charlie, the final yet strongest shadow lord, and you must fight her in pitch black, as she hides otherwise(this is a weaker version of Charlie and she will not 2 hit you, she has the strength of a beefalo, yet she circles you in the pitch of black. After defeating Charlie all the lights turn on, revealing a freed yet weakened Wilson.  Wilson says he can build a portal back home but it requires a tear from a tyrant,,, and so the story stops........FOR NOW dun dun dun



How do you guys like my idea, and feedback would be appriciated









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So.. The main character's brother? Other than being Wilson's brother and liking hockey.. There's not much to him.


All of the characters in Don't Starve are known to have distinctive personalities and speech, but Windle doesn't seem to have anything unique to him. His "abilities" are basically ripped off versions of Wigfrid's and Wolfgang's abilities.


This character feels unworthy in comparison to the other characters.

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