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  1. Has anyone noticed that items don't smolder or burn in caves? I have a game on day 59 trying to survive only in the caves as webber and nothing has caught fire yet.
  2. The whole reason I rated the characters as I did was how well they can contribute to the team on a long-term basis and how any drawbacks can be effectively mitigated with increased development of critical resources. Maxwell's items will run out and even purple gems are not a problem if you have any decent setup in the caves. That being said I should probably remake the ratings (Especially for all the Wendy fans)
  3. Woodie's beaverness is undoubtedly useful however it does cost a lot to come out of and would require someone else working alongside you to collect the fruits of your labor and replant the no doubt many trees that would be gnawed down. Thinking in depth about it I wouldn't recommend having both Wigfred and Wolfgang as whilst Wolfgang is better in combat in ideal conditions as just a fighter, Wigfred has the advantage of cheap equipable items that would likely be usable by all characters (It makes no sense why Wilson couldn't use a fancy spear.) Webber's abilities and superior stats allow for the creation of areas to use spiders defensively against hounds and in great enough numbers even take down some giants (I've taken down the Moose, Bearger and deerclops with spiders alone.) So I think my ideal team of 4 would be Webber (Brute force from spider armies)Wigfred (Useful equipment and can be used for general tasks)Wickerbottom (Making defensive borders of tentacles, applied horticulture and following the werebeaver to collect items due to her higher sanity(Just incase werebeaver has a insanity aura.))Woodie (Werebeaverness)Also Webber and Wigfred(With proper use) can subsist entirely on monster meat if need be. Edit: I just tried making a defencive border with tentacles and it worked incredibly well, stopping the bearger and Goose outright and causing almost fatal damage to the deerclops and dragonfly with only 2 books used and not being refreshed for each fight.
  4. Well now that I think about it you can apply TF2 personas to the DS characters Scout : Webber (Young and immature.) Soldier : Wigfred (Battle-crazy.) Pyro : Willow (Obviousness) Demoman : Wallace? (Unimplemented and undeniably Scottish.) Heavy : Wolfgang (Again kind of obvious.) Engineer : Wickerbottom (Easily the most intelligent character.) Or Wilson (He did invent the alchemy engine.) Medic : Wx-78 (Psychopathic tendencies) Sniper : Woodie? (IDK they both seem to have a kind of uppity attitude to their situations.) Spy : Maxwell (Dapper and conniving.)
  5. Rating Wendy as the best for multiplayer is so wrong, while she can be used effectively ANY character can take out a t3 den reasonably quickly by reargoing spiders when they come out to check when you step on their webbed turf. She can be useful but is not as useful as Wickerbottom or Webber when you take their abilities and being unable to be replaced by any other character.
  6. I rated her lower because I don't really find Abigail to be of much use and at least the balloon could be useful in combat as an alternate target for enemies, especially if hound waves are rebalanced according to the amount of people playing in retrospect maybe he should have been 2.5/10 but whatever. Make your own list of what you think they are.
  7. Ya but Wendy's ability really does become less and less useful as the days go on.
  8. "Oh god not another damn multiplayer post" - Half of the people who clicked on this I've been thinking about planning out character rosters for multiplayer, but first I'll give you a list of characters by tier (This is my opinion) Old ratings These are just my opinions on the characters from a multiplayer perspective.I'd really like to hear everyone's opinion on character tiers and rethink my own for maximum success. Thanks everyone New ratings as of 7/5/2014Now by popular demand the revised ratings listA-tierWebber 10/10 : Maybe I am just a Webber fan but his abilities to command an incredible number of spiders that offer a more than sufficient defense against 3/4 of the giants (Dragonfly was greatly injured but not defeated in testing) As I feel his abilities are the best he serves as a sort of barometer for how high ratings can go.Woodie 9/10 : With proper use of beaverness and some choice stat restoring items he is useful in both combat as well as resource gathering, although his abilites are quite limited to rocks, trees and mobs (Birchguard farming might work well though) Oh well at least his drawbacks can be mitigated with taffy and honey hams/nuggets and his immunity to freezing could help if the players are short on decent clothing.Wigfred and Wolfgang 8/10 : I don't recommend having both on a team as there are better choices for simple ability rather than combat either way they both have drawbacks which can be mitigated with belts of hunger and proper food for wolfgang and meatballs for Wigfred. Wolfgang has his uses but overall I recommend Wigfred for her cheap weapons and armor and ability to live off of monster meat if need be.Wickerbottom 7/10 : Assuming that there is something she can do at night to allow the others to sleep her books (Mostly applied horticulture.) I am just going out on a limb here and saying that only she can read the books which make her useful as someone staying in the main base/bulk farming area. B-tierWx-78 7/10 : Although his abilities are quite useful he does need to consume a lot of gears to be the greatest tank that he can be and his abilities to eat spoiled food means a decent honey farm can allow him to eat year round by harvesting in autumn and spring at night and leaving it all in a fridge for later.Maxwell 6.5/10 : Starts with some useful items and his sanity can be utilized to act as a sort of 'mage' type of character especially if he could use Wickerbottom's books (He is Knowledgeable enough to do so)Although his usefulness is debatable given his low HP, his ability to live off of monster meat and literally anything that regenerates HP.Wilson 6/10 : A balanced character with very few downsides, the only one that comes to mind is the fact that Wilson would have to carry a razor around to shave in the summer to help avoid overheating as to my knowledge insulation works only one way (So you can't wear a jacket with a freezing stone to keep cool) Oh well his facial winter hat is great and we all love it's magnificence.Wendy 5/10 : I can here the fans booing me already but I legitimately think that her abilities can be replaced by development of combat resources and the fact that it takes Abigail a few days to regenerate unless the player manipulates the game to give more than one flower. (Sorry fangentlemen/gentleladies) C-tierWes 3/10 : Has very few uses as intended, but he does have the ability to use his balloons to distract the AI of mobs especially hounds, in my testing it worked well enough to justify possible use if very large teams are allowed.Willow 2/10 : Her lighter is fine for protecting her from the night and lighting stuff on fire however for some dumb reason she is not immune to the summer heat (I can tolerate 1000 degree heat but not 100 degree heat?) I suppose her sanity regen from fire might be semi useful especially early on but overall I think she will only be the character of choice for some beginners and a majority of griefers in unplanned games. My team of choiceWebberWigfredWoodieWickerbottom
  9. If you want I could write some custom strings if you set up the interface to do so.
  10. I sang it out loud while reading it and I have to say other then a few words that need tweeking its pretty damn cool. Sadly I don't have a very good mic or a place to sing it without getting yelled at by my parents.
  11. Ya I understood when he was new but now that many updates have passed I suppose it's ok.
  12. Yes it is, other then the secret one (God do I still need to call them that?) With some retooling this might work.
  13. Hmmmmm the first things that comes to my mind are... Willow because she is the most canon character other than Wilson but her extreme power over Wilson makes no sense. My current and much better idea would be having the alchemy engine/Shadow manipulator as the queen because Without science/ magic Wilson generally has little power to defeat Maxwell and survive (Try beating the game without science or magic I dare you), I swear this made more sense when I was thinking about it in my head. Perhaps having The adventure portal or teleportato as the queen if we are considering inanimate objects? PS I edited my old post to contain smallbirds as a candidate for Wilson's knights
  14. I approve of this but here's my list of what I think the pieces should be. Maxwells side: King - Maxwell Queen - Spider Queen OR some form of Charlie Rook - Clockwork Rook Bishop - Clockwork Bishop Knight - Clockwork Knight Pawn - Hound Wilsons side: King - Wilson Queen - No idea atm Rook - Rock lobster Knight - Chesters/Smallbirds (They both hop in-game much like knights in chess) Bishop - Bunnymen Pawn - Pigmen Wilson could also use the clockwork followers that may be coming out soon.
  15. I have an update idea im writing with the exact same name funnily enough, anyway mine is much different instead having hot air balloons and what not if anyone asks me ill submit it in some format.