[Exploit] - Infrared beams knock out everything.

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Infrared beams knock out everything.

Issue Description: Enemies walk through an infrared beam you hacked and get knocked out. This causes other enemies to come and investigate thus getting knocked out themselves. Once there is a pile of 2 or more enemies, 1 will keep getting back up and pinning the other ones in the pile and then get knocked out again because he investigates where he woke up. I think this is not intentional because i saw an Obama Drone pass through a hacked infrared beam in the previous build. And i also remember you guys saying that guards should pass through all lazers and beams normally so you can stop the vault camping exploit.

Steps to Reproduce: Hack an infrared beam and lure 2 or more guards to it.

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I got through my first time in a level with drones on a heavily guarded mission at alarm level 6 with this exploit. Ahh,the memories...

But I thought it was because I turned the beam on and off every single time(and waited for each guard and drone to take their turns passing out)

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