"Abort mission" and "Retire agency", is there any difference?

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Hey Shirsh, I can understand the confusion, there are no descriptions on what they do. We'll put some in. Until then, this is what they do:


Abort Mission ends the current mission, any agents who have escaped will be ok, any others will be lost in the field. Use this if you got out with the agents you want, but there are still some in the field who are basically going to die and you'd rather not spend the time playing it out.


Retire Agency will scrap that whole game, cash in your XP to unlock new things, take you back the main menu and delete the save slot. For when things have gone south, you lost all your money and/or just want to start fresh again.

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Wow, I'm sorry, I respect you guys and don't think badly of you, but that's one sloppy description (or lack of xD). I mean it's realistically correct: aborting the mission would be simply "leaving" it, from an operator perspective.

In games though, aborting a mission usually means "button to escape a screw-up" :p

A popup window would be nice! :D

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