Beefalo Hair

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Yes, the beefalo coat... for when Winter comes. It goes along with my suggestion that during Winter it's freezing so the player either needs to stay close to a fire (i.e. equal to the light radius at night) or wear a beefalo coat (Chest slot). If they don't then they start freezing, losing 1 Health per second.

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The Beefalo Coat would also have a durability so you can't just wear it forever.

I consider it more on par with the backpack than the log suit. It's a utility item that grants the wearer no real protection... but like the backpack needs to be worn in order to be useful. In this way the player now has to choose between the log suit, backpack, amulet, and beefalo coat as to which is most important to them at a given time. And once the Sanity meter is added, the dapper vest may also end up in this list.

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