[Gameplay] - Special Safe on Security Dispatch can spawn with no item.

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Special Safe on Security Dispatch can spawn with no item.

Issue Description: Had a safe spawn with no item in it. Only some money. And yes, it was the one that's marked 'Advanced Tech detected' or something like that. I could keep on looting the safe, but it never gave me anything more, just the animation of the agent looting the safe.

May or may not be related to me buying Titanium Rods on the same turn from a Nanofab with another agent. But seems doubtful.

Steps to Reproduce: The safe was cracked using Parasite, was using Banks and Internationale, also had Fusion running, other then that, nothing special I can think of other then the above mentioned Nanofab purchase.

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Hey, thanks for contributing to free the game of its bugs!

However, this issue has already been reported by somebody else.


Here's the thread!

In there, @Wade states that the issue should have already been solved in the latest update. That was on the 3rd of September and I can't recall a major patch since then, so I assume the next patch should have fixed that! Or if not (and that is why I mentioned Wade) and it should already been fixed, thanks for telling Klei and us that the issue is still there! :-)

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