Lone Wolf Challenge

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Yup, i'm about to try to beat story mode with a single agent. I will try Deckard first and leave the other agent in the first room or something and not rescue any prisoner. Share your thoughts, strategies and/or results!


Side note about the other agent

Do whatever with the other agent on the first mission. I've decided to not pick his/her items to use or sell, nor use its abilities or create a "free" distraction. If you attempt this challenge, do whatever suits you, it is self-imposed after all, no real rules or anything. Well, maybe in a future update we will be able to leave an agent slot empty at the beginning of the game?


Attempt #1 (early death on 2nd mission)

Didn't know pickpocketing breaks cloaking, i was going to get past those 3 guards otherwise. It seems like a good idea to get level 2 anarchy soon. One of the biggest advantage of a lone agent is that gear and stat upgrades are all focused onto this agent. Obviously, the biggest disadvantage is no backup and you can do far less each turn than with a team.


@ViewThePhenom: Yeah, Banks or Internationale may be solid choices as well. The reason i picked Deckard is that he's the most selfish agent, his cloaking and extra AP benefit him more than the rest of the team, which makes him a better solo agent than the others (debatable). While my first try ended quickly and brutally, cloaking seemed extremely handy.


Attempt #2 (death next to exit on 1st mission)

One tile too short, last guard moved one tile too far, couldn't escape. Found a cloak 1 on this one, it was going to be a promising run. Thoughts on mission selection: a little tricky here, nano-fab vestibules and server farms don't seem like a great choice for the first mission, due to lack of money, which is much needed for stats. I thought security dispatches would be good but getting a pass card is a little difficult with a single non-Banks agent, so i suppose this kind of mission is best after getting anarchy to level 2. I guess vaults are the very best mission type to start with.


Attempt #3 (victory run of otherwolrdly  luck)

The Gods of stealth smiled on me a little too much on this one, by the end of the first day i had two cloaking 3, in addition to the starting rigged cloaking of course. I wasn't sure if buying that police dart gun at midgame was a good idea. It was. Ended using all three shots desperately near the end of the very last mission. Oh and it was pleasant to learn elite guards with image enhancement do not detect cloaked agents like i thought, would have died near the end otherwise.




Agent: Deckard

Difficulty: Normal

Mode: Story

Score: 6115

Attempts: 3

Items: Neural Disrupter I, Rigged Cloaking, Cloaking III (x2), Stim I, Police Dart Gun

Extra Item (from 2nd Agent): None

Augments: None

Stats: Stealth 4, Hacking 4, Inventory 6, Anarchy 4

Programs: Power Drip, Parasite, Noise, Daemon Hunter

Challenge Rating (with this Agent): 7/10

Challenge Rating (with this setup): 5/10

Fun Factor (this agent & setup): 8/10

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Oh and it was pleasant to learn elite guards with image enhancement do not detect cloaked agents like i thought, would have died near the end otherwise.


I'm sorry, what ?

You mean that they only spot agents in cover ?


Oh geez... I really didn't understand it that way. Well, my life is gonna get a tad more easier in this game then.


Thanks for sharing, nice read :)

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Ah! Apparently i did not check enough pages back to see if someone tried this challenge. I suppose i will be using the other thread then.


@Sorenson: yeah, cloaked agents won't be detected, as for the ones in cover, i am guessing they'll be spotted, but it never happened to me.

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