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  1. I've encountered an issue where a building far beyond my reach (one of the advanced buildings a colony starts with) is showing up in the Entombed notification, possibly due to mud. However, since I cannot actually reach this building it cannot be resolved. If a building is in an area that a duplicant has not previously accessed, it should not be applicable for an Entombment notification.
  2. Nah, I can see what Klei is trying to do with augments in general. But if we're going to have a mission-type where you can randomly gain a "bad" augment, there should either be a limited method of selling it or a prompt telling you what the augment is before you accept. I don't think they should be treated like standard items (trading between agents, selling and re-purchasing at nanofabs, etc).
  3. With all the hate augment missions are receiving, it could be worthwhile to allow selling them to Monster.
  4. So, Xu is able to destroy drones but his tool-tip still says "disables for 1 turn". Any possibility to include this in the next hotfix?
  5. Looks like you won't need that extra difficulty mode after all. I find Shalem 11 to be a good pick for handling these situations. Starting with a method of handling armoured unit without relying on time, credits or luck is invaluable, imo.
  6. I suggest asking the devs directly on the next stream why there is no manual save/load. Or maybe even send an email asking what their design philosophy is for Invisible, Inc. That's your best chance at understanding exactly why it's not in game, and when they explain that they won't do it you can make peace with it. If they can't convince you, nobody will be able to. @Truthseeker, I'm pretty sure the game saves after every action. I've tried reloading after getting my agent shot on my own turn, only to start again in the same position. I think Klei has done pretty well ensuring that, outside of manual save back-ups, there's no reloading from a bad situation. You must work your way out, as intended by design.
  7. Easier game mode incoming. Just hang on for Tuesday. As for the rest of it, it's been written and stated on recent stream broadcasts by the developers, that the idea of one mistake being huge has been an important concept for development of the game from the early stages. If you can't understand why a manual save/load feature hasn't been included and how that would influence the way you play, then I can't really help. Just don't hold your breath unless you expect Klei to rebuild certain core mechanics, when they feel like those are in a good position now. Basically, no manual save/load is a design decision. Whether or not everybody likes it (I think enough enjoy or understand it to say it fits), Klei is clearly standing firm on it. Looking at it as a missing feature that should be there because most modern games have it is incorrect, since it clashes with what the developers want to achieve. I doubt they expect everybody to like that choice, but you're not being forced to buy the game or play it either.
  8. Check the Invisible, Inc web page, the description clearly states the game includes perma-death by default. If you don't want to deal with this feature, you have two options: 1) Manually back-up your saves. 2) Play something else. Not to be rude, but it's a selling point of the game. I shouldn't have to avoid a save feature that the developers include in the game just so it can live up to its feature list; telling players to avoid saving so it feels like perma-death is still a feature is nonsense. Seriously, wait and see what the easier difficulty mode does for you on Tuesday. But I doubt Klei will uproot the core design to allow save/load between missions. The players who want saves should be the ones to go that extra mile to make manually back-ups, since as you say, it's not like you have to respect the proposed rules given. For reference: Edit: For the record, your agents do not "die". They go MIA and can be revived during the mission with a non-consumable item.
  9. Some players obviously don't know the reason for easy mode. What I can't understand is when you have players saying they don't want to manually choose an easier difficulty setting, that the standard difficutly should be easy enough even though the developers said they want the standard game to be challenging. What's even worse is when players say they never play on a difficulty below hard, then complain that hard is too difficult want it to be toned down. That's a different story, though. Basically, request an easier difficulty mode that players can select. The end.
  10. Two more points in response to the N3KroMancer: I'm not adverse to an "easy" difficulty mode, as long as it scales the rewards back in relation to the reduction in difficulty (No XP on game completion or loss is a must, for example). I just don't think the normal difficulty should be scaled back to facilitate more casual players, that's what easy mode is for. Hard mode should be an additional challenge to those that want it, not what they expect to see in Normal mode. I hear you on the luck involved in finding certain items. Bear in mind that there is room for more agents, where one could start with an armour piercing weapon by default. In fact, Shalem 11 already starts with an armour-piercing weapon, so selecting him removes that problem entirely. There is also the skill-based option to handle guards with armour that you can't incapacitate by distracting and slipping past.I still feel like a lot of the complaints about difficulty are based on a lack of understanding of the current mechanics. For example, having played for 10 hours doesn't guarantee you can make use of tactics like distracting an armoured, stationary guard by running and slipping past him as he opens the door to investigate the room. Saving some power for dealing with cameras instead of cracking every safe/device as you see it is another tactic that ensures you'll avoid situations where a room has a camera and you have no power. Remember this is still early access, I doubt the final release will have a minimum starting power that doesn't allow you to at least remove a few cameras; I have never started with 0 power, personally.
  11. Trust me, I know exactly what it means. Also, please include the fact that I said "more casual gamers" in my post instead of editing it out for your own purposes. Taken from OblivionDoll Many players are either not giving the game a good run, or somehow refusing or failing to learn from their mistakes. These people are seeing the uncompromising difficulty as unfair - not because it IS unfair, but because they refuse to learn why it ISN'T. Failing and learning from your mistakes is expected. When it happens, the correct action is to apply what you learned from your failure to the next run, not state the game is too difficult because you couldn't beat it in a couple of attempts. Clearly, not everyone is going to like this, but I'm sure in the final release there will be missions that allow players to become familiar with the mechanics\agents\etc before getting thrown into the more challenging levels. Hell, there may even be an "easy" mode, but just that fact that it's labelled "easy" will probably upset some players. For reference, I'm not a hardcore strategy\turn-based\simulation gamer at all, yet I have no problem understanding what I need to do and learning how to approach different maps and situations.
  12. Invisible Inc is a perma-death rogue-like game, it is not aimed at the casual market. I don't think Klei really needs to do anything to make it more forgiving on these players when games like Don't Starve and FTL are the same way and have done so well. As it is now, the healing item is very strong and may need to be toned down to give the perma-death experience some more credit. At best, maybe one or two extra options that make it easier on more casual gamers with some penalties. But I would hate to see the core game watered-down in the name of acceptance for all.