[Exploit] - Labyrinth Daemon Expiring Gives Prisoners Extra AP

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Labyrinth Daemon Expiring Gives Prisoners Extra AP

Issue Description: If a labyrinth daemon has been triggered before a prisoner is rescued, then when the daemon expires, it will give the prisoner more AP than he would normally have.

Steps to Reproduce: Trigger a labyrinth daemon

While the daemon is still active, rescue a prisoner

When the daemon expires, the prisoner will have 7 AP instead of the usual 5.

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Makes sense because of how the triggers work. To simplify it: Italic stuff is how the code handles it.

Daemon gets activated

Game reduces everyone's AP

Agent/Prisoner gets rescued

Game takes no action as nothing is triggered

Daemon ends

Game adds AP to every character to reverse the Daemon

So in the end, the game adds the AP back to reverse the effect, but from the new character no AP have been taken in the first place.


That issue with when what triggers was already a problem in other cases with lasting effects.

The only real fix would be to make the game check more often what applies to who and to detect missing effects by that.

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