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  1. Can confirm this. Very upsetting as I planned my great hall around my printing pod.
  2. Having this same issue on my Surface Pro 5. The resolution never saves and goes back to the default every time I quit and re-open.
  3. I have not noticed this in previous builds, but in this build, it seems like duplicants always take a second of idle time in between each errand. This is particularly noticeable on dig errands, but may happen with other errands as well. As you can see in the attached video, between each dig task, the dupes will sit idle for a second before starting another task. Oxygen Not Included 12_26_2018 3_50_28 PM.mp4
  4. Can confirm this. Running at 2736x1824@59Hz on a Windows 10 tablet. The character images scale faster than the rest of the UI. See these three screenshots with UI scale at respectively 50%, 100%, and 200%.
  5. I have a large pond with a pitcher pump attached to it. Despite this, buildings requiring water will often show an insufficient resources - water warning until someone actually fills up a bottle and gets ready to deliver it.
  6. Update 2: Actually, even after removing the massive amount of regolith and mafic rock from under my AETN, it's still pretty hot. Not quite as hot as it was, but still unacceptably hot. Sticky Burrow Cycle 276.sav
  7. For a while, I was doing quite well keeping my base cold by running my ventilation and water pipes around an AETN that I was keeping well supplied with hydrogen, and was keeping itself quite cold. Indeed, I had to be very careful how long I made the water pipes near the AETN in order to keep the water from freezing in the pipes. Recently however, the AETN seems to have a problem keeping itself cold. Even with a regular hydrogen supply, it is up around 60°C and if its hydrogen supply is cut off even for a second, it will quickly heat up. It's like there is a strong heat source near it that it is just barely keeping back. Now it is right next to a very hot space biome, but it has several layers of abyssalite insulation between it and the biome, and the insulation is actually colder than the area surrounding the AETN. I do not what could be causing this heat, but it is messing up my base operations. Any suggestions? Sticky Burrow Cycle 248.sav Update: So to kind of answer my own question, a large amount of regolith at very high temperatures seems to be magically appearing below the AETN. Don't know why that should be as there is no path to surface from where the AETN is. Have tried to haul it out, filled up about 10 storage compactors with nothing but regolith, but more of it seems to keep coming. This seems like a bug.
  8. Seeing this as well on Windows with the test build. Saw it after enabling sandbox mode and clicking the brush.
  9. If you, like me, had a single scientist research the entire tech tree until there was nothing left to research, and then, also like me, had that one, now tenured scientist die of slimelung, you're a little out of luck if you want to know anything about any geysers you encounter, as there is no way for new scientists to gain any experience with nothing left to research.
  10. I have two broken petroleum refineries, that I would very much like repaired, so I have set them to priority 9. Despite this, my two groundskeepers (for seem reason, repair falls under the tidy category, it seems like it should really be a separate category) are ignoring it completely, and have been for a while, to do priority 5 mop jobs. The Delicate Sewer.sav
  11. If a duplicant is in the process of getting something to eat, and needs to stop and catch their breath, they will drop the food they are carrying in order to do that. This can result in a loop where they try to go eat, but can't because there isn't enough oxygen where they are going. I have had at least one dupe (who also had Slimelung and had to come out of the infirmary for food) starve to death because they could not get food in time despite my colony being well supplied with food, because they kept having to drop their food to catch their breath. The Delicate Sewer.sav
  12. What I really have is a water problem. I have a couple of CO2 scrubbers but I've had a hard time getting enough water to them to keep them going. Similarly, I had sinks around the most disease-prone of my exits, but they weren't being used cause they weren't getting any water. At least part of the water problem is because I have the water supply running through two thermal aquatuners to reduce overheating, but they only run intermittently because of not having enough power.
  13. I have updated my setup a little taking into account your advice, and am still getting the same problem, so have attached the save file. The Delicate Sewer.sav
  14. That is how I have things set up, so it is possible that's the problem, but even then, it doesn't look like the piping is overfilling.