[General] - Crash when having more than 4 members in team

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Crash when having more than 4 members in team

Issue Description: For the second time i reached the final mission and compromised it by hacking too many drones at the same time.

Apparently having more than 4 members in team crashes the game (yesterday it was 4 agents + 1 courrier + 1 drone; today i have 2 agents and 3 drones: same result)

Steps to Reproduce: just hack drones at the same time so that they exceed the 4th team member and voitlà no longer playable savegame

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Anything that controls more than 5 or more enemy drones is known to crash the game. Other combinations with lesser numbers of controlled assets (as you have found out) can also do so. This is a (mostly) known issue with several variants (as you have found one) and Klei will of course try to fix it ASAP. 


(And Klei returns Tuesday, so i'll stop here and let them post anything else relevant I might be missing without all that good dev stuff in front of me.) 

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I had the same (or a very similar) problem (plus screenshots and a savegame to show for it). Though in this case, I am not sure if it was caused by having more than 4 agents or having the bodies of security personnel in the elevator. Spoilers below.


Screenshot "00004" shows the general layout. It was the last level, and I had 4 agents plus the Courier. I placed Shalem 11 next to the elevator, but everyone else was inside of it. Two of the agents (Deckard and Internationale) were carrying the bodies of security personnel. After evacuating the three agents plus Courier, the game "hung" in the stage after the enemy's turn and before my turn. Maybe the game was looking for "Agent #0" and couldn't find him.


Screenshot "00005" shows the message upon closing the game and attempting to reload the save. This is the whole message from the log.


.\sim/simunit.lua:726: attempt to index local 'cell' (a nil value)

stack traceback:
    .\sim/simunit.lua:726 in function 'tickKO'
    .\sim/simunit.lua:884 in function 'onEndTurn'
    .\sim/simplayer.lua:427 in function 'onEndTurn'
    .\sim/engine.lua:1631 in function 'endTurn'
    .\sim/aiplayer.lua:385 in function 'thinkHard'
    .\sim/simactions.lua:311 in function '?'
    .\sim/engine.lua:1694 in function 'applyAction'
    ./client/states/state-loading.lua:50 in function <./client/states/state-loading.lua:34>


Looking at this, it actually makes more sense. The security guards' increment counters were likely somehow invalidated by them being inside the elevator.


In any case, "Continuing" to reload from the start of the level seems to work fine, so I should be able to speedily complete it and make a copy of the savegame before I try to evacuate this time.


I attached the savegame in question. Just rename it to *.lua and load it, it should give you an error message. And from the apparent "replay" nature of these savegame files, I suppose you should have an easy time backtracking two or so turns to get it reproducible.




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  • Developer

Yes, in this instance, it is likely caused by having the guards body in the elevator.


There is a known issue where strange things happen when agents escape in the elevator with guard's bodies.

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