[Gameplay] - Lowering alarm level is counterproductive

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Lowering alarm level is counterproductive

Issue Description: So after successfully bribing someone in the security office while hijacking a console, he lowered my alarm level by several points. This would be nice except this lowered the alarm level from level 3 back to level 2, which meant the next turn, another guard spawned when the level went back up to 3. If that's the kind of help I get, I'd prefer if he didn't bother.

Steps to Reproduce: Have an alarm level of 2 or greater.

Hijack a console.

Get a message from security asking you to identify yourself.

Successfully bribe the security guard.

Have your alarm level go back to the previous level.

Watch in a turn or two when it goes back up to the next level and the effect of that level is repeated.

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