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While perusing Rather Dashing Island (I'm not very creative), i always had the OCD-esque desire to map out the world around me. The only way to do this in the here and now is to painstakingly walk across every inch of your land. I propose a device, perhaps made of gold and rock and whatnot, that could be equipt as a tool, armor, or hat that could increase your mapping distance while degrading slowly. I think this would be a lovely feature.

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Perhaps some kind of telescope? But then you have to implement a new resource for the lenses. It is obvious that you can't carve a lense out of wood or stone. You need crystal or glas. Also I'm not sure if it is needed. But it would look cool i think.

A telescope you say... well now that allows me to actually visual a real item that mirrors the suggested effect. I would say it needs to be equipped in the players hand slot, unless you fabricated some kind of telecopic helmet/head harness.

This would be interesting if they ever connected it with the beach biome. You could have it that the telecope itself cannot be crafted, but rather that by digging-up an uncommon chest you can find it inside. Then the player can either carry it in their hand slot to use it or unlock/craft a head harness (crafting formula includes the telescope) to switch it to a head slot item.

Okay... now I like this suggestion more. :p

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