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[Exploit] - kill all guards with laser walls

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Huiit    0

Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: kill all guards with laser walls

Issue Description: If you kill a guard in the path of a turned off laser wall, any guard that comes and stands on the dead body to look around can be easily killed by turning the laser wall back on and then off until all guards are dead.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Hack a laser wall so you can turn it on and off. Have it set to off.

2. kill a guard (doesn't matter how) and have the body located in the path of the laser wall.

3. wait for a guard to stand on the body

4. turn the laser wall on, killing the guard.

5. turn the laser wall off.

6. repeat steps 3-5 until all guards (including ones from alarm increase) are dead, allowing you to go anywhere without fear of running into anything

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Wade    321

Yeah, I'll have to discuss with the designers to see how we want this to work.


Thanks for letting us know!

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