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[General] - Cross hairs

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slm804    0

Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Cross hairs

Issue Description: When a guard is knocked out and another guard comes to invetigate and stands on the same tile, when You aim, the two cross hairs comes from the center of the tile instead of the two guards and You can't decide wich cross hair belongs to the standing guard (not KO) or the lying guard on the floor (already KO). Both cross hairs dialogue when You hoovering over them with the mouse pointer, say (in my case)"3 KO".

I have tried to select the different cross hairs, first the "upper" cross hair, hoping it belongs to the standing guard, but the lying guard stands up and gets knocked again. The next time I selected the "lower" cross hair and the same thing happened again, I KO an already knocked guard.

Steps to Reproduce: Shoot a guard with Bioshot Dartgun or any other KO gun. Wait for next guard to nvestigate and stands on same tile as the already KO guard. Try to (select) shoot the investigation guard that stands up. See screen shots.


The cross hairs should come from the individual guards, not from the tile and should say (in my case) on the standing guard "3 KO" and on the lying guard "Already KO"

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Wade    309

Thanks, we've got a solution for this issue internally, and should be part of our next update.

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