Bugs, Feature Thoughts, and Other Feedback!

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Let me first start out by saying I simply adore this game, it's challenging, it's addicting, it's just bloody marvelous.

Upon first playing I was met with the challenge to gather supplies for tools, then get straight to work on making a fire pit. As I surveyed the land, I found that boulders were somewhat rare in the game (this fact reared its head frequently in the multiple maps I've played). My feedback for this would be to increase their "spawn rate" in forest areas and swampy tentacle marshes. When the moment came that I was finally able to make a fire-pit, I stumbled upon a glitch where the fire would never die down for the entire play session I was playing at the time. Naturally this was a pleasant bug to have, but all food was incapable of being cooked there, so I deemed it "Ghost fire" (since it wasn't really there).

Fireflies and gold had confused me the most in game- gold not as much since I could put that in the science machine for a whopping 10 science, but I found myself at a loss of things to do with the fireflies. Constructing some items that makes use of these two things would be ideal. Perhaps a lantern of sorts that constantly needs fireflies once a night to stay lit? Smelting gold would be lovely, giving us the ability to construct our own amulets and/or make golden armor as a step-up from that blasted wood armor.

The final issue is the size settings, I can't stress how important it is to have a game that fits on your screen. I have been met with much irritation due to the sizing settings in this bloody game. It's frustrating not to see my science number and the lower half of my inventory. I do recommend you guys hop on THAT feature first above all else. People WILL play games in windowed mode, having the game resize itself to accommodate the proportions within the window would bring much joy.

Above all I loved the game, and while some tweaking is needed, I do think it's absolutely amazing regardless.

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I found fireflies when put down... stay put. Thus I use em to light up my camp at the edges and thus love the little fellas. Just wish once something is stacked you can unstack it?I have had some glitches with fire as well. I found if you go away from it- put off screen. Then re approach and try again it works? Maybe just an angle thing. Not sure.

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