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Hey guys I know a few of you have expressed interest in a collection of information to be able to learn outside of the game so you're either more prepared or are able to have a game plan once you've been presenting with a set of items, missions, or other variables. I would also like to see this happen!


Using Google to try to find such a page directed me to http://invisibleinc.gamepedia.com/Invisible_Inc_Wiki which is from what I can tell, out of date. I am very new to this game, I believe I've been playing for something like 4 days, but I've been slowly updating this page. I am also new to both publishing and editing articles and would appreciate help in this update if you're available and willing!


What I've been doing is during one of my game runs, I'll try to update something on the page as I encounter it. An example would be the different types of missions we've been presented with, or Cameras. I know i'm not the best at this but I feel we can create a very solid page collaboratively!

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