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  1. Thankfully my own Banks has max Hacking and an Accelerator Chip III. +9 power per console is the only way i've been able to use anything so far...
  2. =O I just hit day 5 guys... I go into this mission and I instantly got hit with a Modulate 2.0?! for TWENTY TURNS?! I am not prepared for this. I thought I had an amazing setup. I have Sharp with 2 Titanium Rods, 2 Penetrating Scanners, and Predictive Brawling with a Volt so he can hit every turn and knock people out for 7 turns, but now all my programs are too expensive to use more than one a turn! and I won't have energy for him to even attack! What have I gotten myself into..
  3. You do realize what the consequences of what you did were, right? Many people, myself included, use dedicated servers as a go-to to try to get to know other players because DST is the first bit of community in this game that we're being exposed to. My second time logging onto that dedicated server to play with people was right after you had finished your little scheme, and that's a really bad first glance for new players. Side note, I was hoping you were be more worried about the negative impact what you did had, rather than what random other players thought about how good or bad you are at this game. Why should something so petty be the top of your priorities?
  4. Not sure if you're the one that prevented movement and summoned all the tentacles. Whoever did just turned that dedicated server into a private one. Hope they're proud of themselves. Good work moving the community forwards.
  5. Aside from one minor detail in #9 I really like this list. The detail is that stim can no longer be used on prisoners or the courier. It was pretty recent so many people have yet to realize the change has occurred.
  6. Additional agents can be acquired through Detention Center missions. You don't know if you'll find a prisoner or a captured agent. Prisoners grant a small cash bonus, agents are clearly the luckier find.
  7. I'm surprised no one has brought up that Power is constant between missions. First mission you will start with 10/20, but for every mission after, you begin with what you ended in the previous missions. Therefore it is advantageous to stall as long as you can in the elevator simply to give yourself more power to work with during your next mission. This allows you to not get caught up waiting for Power Drip or Fusion to disable that pesky camera; or be forced to go out of your way to find a console to hijack.
  8. Add in something like Ping and it's honestly extremely simple to make space to get up and use it.