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Now I'm kinda asking just to be on the safe side here, we all know Youtube can be a real son of a.. witch, sometimes.


Are we (we, as in the players who have bought this game) allowed to create videos off Invisible, Inc. which are for entertainment purposes, even though it is still in Alpha and bugs will possibly be shown? I know many devs hate it when bugs show up in videos, but as far as I know you don't mind. (Or atleast didn't with Don't Starve)


Also, is monetization an option or would you not want that?


I don't intend to ask for me personally here, but for everyone who will create content off Invisible, Inc. in the future.


Personally I also will link to the Steam Store page, its homepage and the forums page in the Description.

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1:05:10 is the time for when you can watch it. You can jump to it and make your own judgement on what they say.


No, you don't understand, I am unable to watch it at all right now, the device I am on does not allow it.



Besides that, if you know how harsh YT can be, they don't care about something someone mentioned, it has to be an official, written message directed towards a single person for them. I hope that atleast a forum post is valid enough for them.

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I do understand, You cannot watch it right now. I gave you the time so that when you are capable of watching it, you can jump to the time the devs begin discussing it. I realize you cannot watch it now, I am merely giving you a shortcut for when you can.

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