[Crash] - Crash by dragging guard behind bookshelf

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Crash by dragging guard behind bookshelf

Issue Description: This happened to me twice now and I thought I'd report it now.

In one room there is a bookshelf. Behind that bookshelf is a pretty good hiding spot, so I draged a knocked out guard behind it.

Both times I did this, the game crashed after putting him down.

After restarting the game, it cotinuous normaly at the point it crashed, the guard being behind the bookshelf.

I attached 2 screenshots to show the room and the spot. (The spot where my coursor is pointing.)

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Knock out guard

2. Drag behind bookshelf

3. Put him down

- game crashes -

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