[Gameplay] - Agents Double-Peeking

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Agents Double-Peeking

Issue Description: It took me a moment to figure out exactly why I was able to see into one adjacent room. I was able to peek through a door, then again through another door past and to the left of the first door. See the first attached picture.

On a later turn I moved Banks to the door corner and was able to see in both rooms with one action.

I also /paint'ed an X over a previous corner tile in picture one where I was able to peek into both the room to the character's left and right simultaneously, this time not even immediately adjacent but one tile away.

While the latter two are believable in that the agent could peek through each door in turn, the first is definitely absurd. Supersight go!

Steps to Reproduce: Left Deckard in the same spot for a turn, Peek option for the second door still appeared and was able to view the other room.

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It's just not a bug, it's how peeking is done as of now. Peeking isn't used on doors, it's a normal "skill" used by the agent, which then seeks out corners and doors to peek around and through.

You're not telling the agent to "peek through the door", you're telling him/her to just "peek", then it looks for what to affect and does all of it.

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