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[Gameplay] - Weird guard aiming reset

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Tarean    12

Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Weird guard aiming reset

Issue Description: So this one is somewhat weird.

If a guard opens a door and finds someone he lifts his gun and shouts don't move. If another agent tries to move up to him and treats into the peripheral vision the guard changes aim.

Makes perfect sense so far. But if a third agent moves somewhere else on the level the guard resets his aim to the first agent and the second one can happily taser if he came close enough.

Steps to Reproduce: Do the above steps, pretty much anywhere.

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Wade    309

Okay, this sounds like this could have to do with the size of the guard's vision cone. I'll take a look at how it's working in the game, and discuss with the designers.


Thanks for letting us know.

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Palpetinus    839

I've once done something similar. It was pretty much in a room without obstacles, a guard came into the room and detected an agent around 4 tiles away, not sure about the exact distance.

I took my other agent and walked into the peripheral vision cone, the guard redirected to the second agent.

Then I moved one step closer with the first agent who is now in peripheral vision and again the guard redirected.

It went on like this, always moving one step closer, redirecting the vision, until one agent was next to the guard so the other could taze.


Just figured I could mention this here, I'm not quite sure if it's a bug but if it's not, maybe mention that to the designers aswell.

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