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Tall Birds won't automatically return to nest, shoreline objects, and etc


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Tall Birds won't automatically return to their nest, after chasing you and giving up. You need to return to place the gave up at a later time before they return.

Shoreline objects aren't always logically accessible e.g. you can mine a shore line rock but if the pieces fall to far out you can't collect them and forever have rocks floating in air.

Perhaps a leash or rope/stake option to tie your small birds down so they don't always follow you blindly e.g. going egg collecting, a "leave your friend at home" option

PS keep up the good work, game is an awesome avoid homework time killer :)

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luckily, tallbirds respawn after a few days now, so you're free to kill it if you aren't feeling up to kiting it back to the correct island.

shoreline clipping has been noted a few times already, it'll proly be fixed in the next few updates, in the meantime, it's a damn handy distraction for hounds and krampii

a leash option DOES sound like a decent idea, though.

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Yeah, the respawning of tallbirds helps fix a lot of potential problems. Tallbirds also often get killed on the way back to their home, I found a small patch of swamp once were 2 tallbirds has died because of tentacles, so be carefull where you lead them to.

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