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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Version Number - Issue title Last update deleted my game and research etc... Steps to reproduce I logged in and saw everything was deleted Describe your issue Last update deleted my saved game, research points, settings and items researched, basically made me start over from scratch. A little annoying because I was past 440 days and had 6000 of research when I closed the game before Christmas and when I opened it yesterday everything was deleted.
  2. Meat Effigy creates non-cleanable mess upon resurrection, when you have gone through it several times it adds up! Maybe have the option to pick up pieces and burn them?
  3. Tall Birds won't automatically return to their nest, after chasing you and giving up. You need to return to place the gave up at a later time before they return. Shoreline objects aren't always logically accessible e.g. you can mine a shore line rock but if the pieces fall to far out you can't collect them and forever have rocks floating in air. Perhaps a leash or rope/stake option to tie your small birds down so they don't always follow you blindly e.g. going egg collecting, a "leave your friend at home" option PS keep up the good work, game is an awesome avoid homework time killer