[General] - peeking multiple doors at once

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: peeking multiple doors at once

Issue Description: I don't think you guys wanted this... When two doors are close together (1 square apart), like in a corner, you peek both doors instead of just the one.

Steps to Reproduce: have two doors within 1 square (in a corner usually). Stand next to both and peek one. You will peek through BOTH doors.

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when its only 2 it actually seems and works normally to me. i mean when you have your back to a pillar and peek you also check Both sides of the pillar. checking both doors your next too seems reasonable to me. its just that the UI makes each door separate and they have there own peek, instead of using the one on your Agents Action bar.

The time its weird to me. is when its a triple door peek. a double door that your on one door (like the new guard spawn rooms!) and a door on the other wall next to you. so your in a corner with one double door and you also peek the other door along the wall. THAT one is a little to much. but just two doors that your on/next to and hiding one peek getting both seems reasonable to me.

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